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Bio-Impedance Technology is "Out of Business"! With the exception of technical support as stated below!

Note: IFM Electrode Tape is still available from Carrot-Top Industries

Bio-Impedance Technology, Inc. PREVIOUSLY produced software and instrumentation for Bio-electric Impedance Cardiography. 

We still offer limited technical support for our customers that have CopWin software and HIC instruments that are still under their one year warranty and on a Fee For Service basis for non warranty support. Please leave a voicemail message at (919) 960-7799 describing your support request. Please leave as much info as possible including your contact information.   You may also email at the address shown.

BIT, Inc. and Microtronics are no longer located at 88 VilCom Center!

BIT Contact Information:
       If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.
    For product information use E-mail address --> bitinfo3  @    (Note the address is shown in this format to prevent spam, to email us please copy and paste the above address  shown in red and then remove the internal spaces.)
      For Technical Support see email address below!                                                                                                                                                                  

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